2014 Gus Macker Another Great Success

Gus Macker 2014

On behalf of the Olean City School District Foundation, I’d like to thank the countless number of volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure this year’s Gus Macker 3-on-3 basketball tournament was an incredible success.

We are proud to team with the Olean Sports Booster Club to sponsor the event, which had 1,096 participants this year and brought more than 6,000 people to downtown Olean.

A special thanks goes out to John Irving and Laurie Aloi, who served as co-chairs this year and worked to generate sponsorships, oversee operations, and create an atmosphere that made the Macker a community event instead of just a basketball tournament.

The foundation would also like to thank the Gus Macker Committee, which met multiple times each month to ensure the event would run smoothly. Don and Janine Scholla volunteered their time to run our concession area, which was a massive undertaking. Colleen Taggerty and Gaby Harrington spent the weekend coordinating volunteers; another huge job.

One of the most gratifying things about this tournament is the fact that it’s become a major event in the city on an annual basis. Not only do Gus Macker participants rave about the quality of the event compared to other cities, but all of the hard work by so many volunteers ensures that the city of Olean receives a significant economic and social boost each and every August.

As Mayor Bill Aiello said this weekend, “It’s just a wonderful event for the city. It does my heart good to see so many people enjoy themselves in our community.”

Thank you to everyone who worked to make it such a great event.


 Adam Bennett, ’06
 Olean City School District Foundation


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