Douglas Stolberg


Douglas Stolberg
Class of 1950

Doug Stolberg attended Olean’s School #10, with Ivers J. Norton serving as his principal. When his family moved to Hinsdale, he hitchhiked to-and-from school for four years so he could attend Olean High School.  “I couldn’t stand the thought of being away from my beloved Olean any longer,” he said. Doug received the Bausch and Lomb award for highest average in science and math, and graduated as the salutatorian of the OHS Class of 1950.  In 1954 he received a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Union College.

Drafted into the US Army, Doug was assigned to the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, the “birthplace of the atomic and space ages,” to work on missile tracking systems.  Post army, he returned to General Electric in the Large Steam Turbine and Generator Department, working to develop “new methods of producing stronger, lighter systems” utilizing titanium instead of steel.

Upon returning to White Sands to work in the US Army’s television division, as Chief of Design and Laboratory, he worked to develop nose cone cameras and automatic tracking systems that would later be used at Cape Canaveral. This technology provided for smoother and more reliable tracking on missile launches. As an engineer with the 2802nd Inertial Guidance and Calibration Group, he was responsible for testing and maintaining guidance systems for ICBM’s (inter-continental ballistic missiles) including the Atlas, Titan, and Minuteman.

The mission of his 26-year career for the Department of Defense Army Material Command, known as the “Soldiers’ Warranty,” was to test and evaluate everything electronic that the Army purchased to guarantee that design specifications and quality were met.  Job titles included: Chief of the Communications Division, and Deputy Chief of the Surveillance Division in the US Army Electronic Proving Ground at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

A post civil servant career in real estate for 21 years ended in 2010. Doug is also an avid and award winning photographer.