Thomas Edwin Bowen


Brigadier General Thomas Edwin Bowen
Class of 1952

Brigadier General Thomas Edwin Bowen is a 1952 graduate of Olean High. He completed his undergraduate studies at St. Bonaventure University and medical school at The Medical College of Wisconsin.

Dr. Bowen had a long and distinguished career as a highly regarded thoracic/cardiac surgeon, and was a key administrator in the United States Armed Forces Hospital System. He is a decorated war hero from his days serving as a thoracic/cardiac surgeon in the Vietnam Theater-of-War, as well as elsewhere. In addition to serving as an academic professor, Dr. Bowen was also an organizer of healthcare initiatives in the Tampa VA Hospital System, where he chaired numerous boards and committees and served as the chief of staff. During that time, he helped build the Tampa VA into one of the nation’s most prestigious full-service care providers for our veterans.

Dr. Bowen has had numerous academic appointments, published several academic papers, and presented at healthcare conferences around the country. He is a charter member of the Seneca Battalion Army ROTC Hall of Fame, and his name also resides on the Wall of Achievers at Air University, the intellectual and leadership center of the United States Air Force.


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